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Rotavirus Vaccination Tied to Lower Risk for T1DM in Children

No association seen for partial vaccination and incidence of type 1 diabetes

HPV16 Antibodies Can Develop Long Before Throat Cancer Diagnosis

HPV16-E6 seropositivity increases with shorter lead time, reaching 38.9 percent for <10 years

HIV Risk Does Not Differ With Three Contraceptive Methods

No significant difference seen with use of DMPA-IM, copper IUD device, levonorgestrel implant in African women

CDC Opens Emergency Operations Center for Congo Ebola Outbreak

The virus has crossed the border from the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo to Uganda

Microbes Tied to Pedicle Screw Loosening, Spinal Implant Failure

Low-virulent microorganisms detected using sonication on extracted hardware

Most Providers Unaware of Online Feedback About Themselves

Providers do not encourage patient reviews and often view such feedback as having limited value

Next-Gen Sequencing of CSF Improves Diagnosis of CNS Infections

Eight of 13 diagnoses made solely by metagenomic NGS had likely clinical effect, seven guided treatment

CDC: Wildlife Rabies, Especially in Bats, Poses Risk in U.S.

Seventy percent of rabies infections acquired in the United States attributed to bats

Pertussis Risk Up for Undervaccinated, Unvaccinated Children

However, most pertussis cases occur among vaccinated children further away from last DTaP dose

Diagnostic Testing, Antibiotics Overused in Pediatric CAP

Chest radiography ordered in 43 percent, antibiotics prescribed in 73.9 percent of community-acquired pneumonia visits