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Weight Loss Modest for Most Macronutrient Diets

Weight loss, CV risk factors improved over six months, but benefits mainly diminished at 12 months

Rural Doctors Can Be Trained to Treat Advanced Heart Failure

Rates of death, pump thromboses, infections higher for patients who do not receive LVAD-specific care

Unemployed Workers Less Likely to Be Uninsured Post-ACA

Following implementation of ACA, insurance rates decreased more in states with Medicaid expansion

March 2020 Briefing – Cardiology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Cardiology for March 2020. This roundup includes the latest...

Severe COVID-19 Risk Up With Existing Health Conditions in U.S.

Most commonly reported underlying health conditions were diabetes, chronic lung disease, CVD

Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies Warned Not to Stockpile Meds

Professional societies issue stern warning not to inappropriately prescribe meds for COVID-19

Inconsistent Bedtime May Affect Cardiovascular Health

Going to bed even 30 minutes later than normal can lead to higher resting heart rates through most of the next day

CVD May Play Role in Link Between Air Pollution, Dementia

Heart failure, ischemic heart disease, stroke may contribute to link between air pollution and dementia

Concomitant Myocardial Injury With COVID-19 Infection Linked to Fatal Outcome

Elevated TnT levels associated with arrhythmias, use of glucocorticoid therapy, mechanical ventilation

Chronic Kidney Disease Linked to Uncontrolled Blood Pressure

Second study shows ambulatory BP patterns not tied to cognitive impairment or frailty in CKD patients