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More Aggressive Statin Tx Needed After Heart Attack in Young Patients

Majority of patients with heart attack <50 years still have high cholesterol one year later

Cardiac Radiation Dose in NSCLC Predicts Mortality, Cardiac AEs

In coronary heart disease-negative patients, mean heart dose associated with all-cause mortality

Undetected Dysglycemia Linked to MI, Periodontal Disease

Severe periodontal disease most common in those with undetected diabetes and vice versa

Obesity During Teen Years Tied to Stiffening of Arteries

This adverse effect is further aggravated by an unfavorable metabolic profile

Increases in Red Meat Intake Linked to Increased Mortality

Increase of at least half a serving a day of red meat, especially processed meat, linked to greater risk

ICU Care for STEMI Associated With Improved Mortality Rates

Findings seen in patients who could have been treated in either the ICU or non-ICU unit

CDC: Prevalence of Meeting Exercise Guidelines Recently Increased

Despite increase, overall prevalence remains low

Hot Water Therapy Aids Patients With Peripheral Arterial Disease

Small study shows it improves functional ability, has potential for cardiovascular conditioning

PDE5i Use Linked to Post-LVAD Right Heart Failure Events

Incidence of severe early right heart failure higher among patients on preimplant PDE5i than controls

Most Providers Unaware of Online Feedback About Themselves

Providers do not encourage patient reviews and often view such feedback as having limited value