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Pregnancy Complications Tied to Higher Risk of Later Hypertension

Complications such as preterm births and preeclampsia double the risk

Prophylactic Melatonin Does Not Cut Delirium After Major Cardiac Surgery

Findings based on results of randomized trial of patients undergoing major cardiac surgery

Limited English Proficiency May Worsen Chronic Disease Outcome

Findings seen in patients discharged from academic medical centers in Toronto with COPD or heart failure

CVD Risk Declines When BP Meds Taken at Bedtime

Patients routinely taking antihypertensive meds at bedtime have lower risk for CV events, death

Review Links Periodontitis to Increased Odds for Hypertension

Five of 12 interventional studies confirmed reduction in hypertension after periodontal treatment

Substance Use Disorder Ups Risk for Death After IE Valve Surgery

Midterm postoperative period (six months to five years) a particularly vulnerable period

More Choices, Lower Premiums for ACA Consumers Next Year

20 more insurers will be participating in 2020, expanding consumer choice in many states

Atrial Fibrillation Risk Found to Be Higher Among American Indians

Findings persisted even when accounting for many other demographic and health factors

Recommendations Updated for Nonvariceal Upper GI Bleeding

Guidelines address preendoscopic, endoscopic, and pharmacologic management

Public Outcomes Reporting Tied to Drop in Valve Replacements

Fewer aortic valve surgeries performed for people with endocarditis, regardless of injection drug use