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Hostility Predicts Mortality in Acute Coronary Syndrome

More than half of patients scored as hostile; hostility predicts all-cause mortality but not ACS recurrence

Impact of Psoriasis Explored for Hospital Outcomes of Acute MI

Myocardial infarction may occur earlier in life in patients with psoriasis

Individuals With Autism at Risk for Other Health Conditions

Risk higher compared with the general population even after controlling for smoking, alcohol use, BMI

Transient Orthostatic Hypotension Common in Parkinson Disease

PD patients with history of orthostatic intolerance had more severe systolic BP decrease

Study Suggests Smoking Causes Fatal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Large, long-term twin study reveals link between smoking and subarachnoid hemorrhage

EPA, DHA Supplementation Linked to Reduced Risk for MI, CHD

Significant reductions in risk seen for MI, fatal MI, and coronary heart disease events and mortality

Pacemaker Need Higher in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

Older age, longer diabetes duration, higher HbA1c tied to increased risk for pacemaker transplantation

Many Doctors Misinformed About Nicotine’s Risks

Less than one-third of doctors correctly agree that nicotine directly contributed to birth defects

Better Cardiovascular Health Linked to Lower Incident HTN

Each 1-point increase on the Life's Simple 7 score linked to 6 percent lower risk for incident HTN

Severely Obese Heart Donors Not Tied to Adverse Transplant Outcomes

Short-term outcomes for recipients similar for heart transplants from donors with, without severe obesity