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Patterns Changing for Heart Disorder Hospitalizations in Canada

Rates up for acquired valvular heart disease, vascular cognitive impairment, and congenital heart disease

Incidence of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy Up During COVID-19

Incidence proportion 7.8 percent during March, April 2020 versus 1.5 to 1.8 percent before pandemic

Half of Individuals With MI at Age 50 or Younger Are Smokers

Smoking cessation linked to reduced risk for all-cause and cardiovascular mortality in this population

Electronic Health Records Fail to Detect Many Medication Errors

Though broadly used in U.S. hospitals, EHRs fail to detect up to one-third of medication errors

Statin Use May Cut All-Cause, CVD Mortality in Those 75 and Older

Reductions in risk seen for all-cause, CV mortality and composite of atherosclerotic CV events

Oral Corticosteroid Bursts Carry Risk for Severe Adverse Events

Highest rates of adverse events seen within first month after initiating short course of oral steroids

Excessive Sugar Tied to Fat Deposits Around Heart, Other Organs

These higher-risk fat deposits linked to greater risk for heart disease and diabetes

Acute Ischemic Stroke Risk Higher With COVID-19 Than Influenza

Higher risk remains even when adjusting for demographic and clinical features

CRC Risk Down With ACEi, Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Use

5 percent reduction in adjusted hazard ratio risk with each single year increase in drug use

Roughly 2 Million Americans Buy Prescriptions From Outside the Country

Patient education, stringent quality control measures necessary to ensure safe purchases