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SHEA Updates Guidance for Health Care Staff With Hepatitis, HIV

Career counseling recommended for those planning to conduct exposure-prone procedures

MRI Safe for Those With Non-MRI-Conditional Cardiac Devices

MRI can be performed safely in patients with non-MRI-conditional devices, including pacemakers

Guidelines Developed for Care of Adults With Down Syndrome

Strong recommendation advises screening for Alzheimer-type dementia starting at age 40 years

Taking Lipid-Lowering Meds Tied to Lower Risk for Cancer Death

Adherence inversely linked to mortality related to breast cancer, CRC, melanoma in women

Flavan-3-ol Intake Appears to Lower Systolic Blood Pressure

Reduction comparable to adherence to Mediterranean diet or moderate reduction in salt

Aortic Dissection Is Rare Complication of Pregnancy

Most cases during pregnancy, postpartum period seen in women with aortopathy or family history

Weekend Admission Tied to Higher Stroke Mortality

Admission for hemorrhagic stroke on weekends versus weekdays tied to higher mortality at both rural, urban hospitals

Most Users Report Cannabidiol Use for Treatment of Diagnosable Conditions

Psychiatric, orthopedic, and sleep issues most commonly cited in a Reddit forum

Risk for Severe COVID-19 Low With Congenital Heart Disease

Higher risk for severe disease seen with genetic syndrome, adults at advanced physiological stage

Ischemic Heart Disease Is Major Health Burden Worldwide

126.5 million people lived with IHD in 2017; burden metrics of IHD increased between 1990 and 2017