Today's Health News

Supply of Opioids Predicts Long-Term Use in Injured Workers

Odds of long-term opioid use up with initial Rx for five- to nine-day supply versus supply of less than five days

Financial Incentives Help People Stop Smoking

Effectiveness of incentives appears to be sustained once follow-up ends and incentives stop

Excess Risk for Diabetes-Linked Heart Failure Greater in Women

Women with type 1, type 2 diabetes have greater excess risk for heart failure versus men

Music Relieves Preop Anxiety Before Peripheral Nerve Block

Similar changes seen in levels of preoperative anxiety for patients receiving music medicine, midazolam

Current Antibiotic Stewardship Program Practices Characterized

Since 2013, active surveillance for MRSA reduced, monitoring of cleaning effectiveness increased

Key Cystic Fibrosis Pathogens Reduced With Ivacaftor Use

Ivacaftor use linked to reductions in P. aeruginosa rates, prevalence of S. aureus, Aspergillus species

Recommendations Developed for Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

Vaccine recommended for persons moving to live in JE-endemic country and long-term, frequent travelers

Factors Associated With Thyroid Cancer Overtreatment Identified

Overtreatment more likely in younger, male, Hispanic or Asian patients, those with extensive lymph node surgery

Novel PET Staging System May Help Monitor Alzheimer Disease

Positron emission tomography used to track stages of β-amyloid accumulation in vivo

People Living With HIV Have Higher Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Risk for heart failure and stroke particularly higher; risk for heart attack, atrial fibrillation moderately higher