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One-Quarter of Antibiotic Prescriptions at Children’s Hospitals Suboptimal

21 percent of these orders are suboptimal by antimicrobial stewardship program standards

Several Drugs Have Similar Efficacy for Plaque Psoriasis

Findings based on meta-analysis of data for short- and long-term efficacy from 60 clinical trials

Late Sleep May Raise Risk for Adiposity in Young Children

Greater increases seen in adiposity measures from 2 to 6 years, especially for those with high obesity risk

Ethnic Differences in Sitting Behaviors ID’d in Older Women

Longer sitting time, sitting bout duration deleteriously associated with cardiometabolic risk

Mediterranean Diet May Modulate Gut Bacteria in Seniors

Diet tied to increased abundance of specific taxa linked to markers of lower frailty, improved cognition

Study Suggests Overtreatment in End-of-Life Care Despite POLST

Rates of ICU admission lower in patients with treatment-limiting orders; 38 percent received discordant care

Quarantine Ends on Cruise Ship in Japan as Coronavirus Cases Near 75,000

CDC says containment measures taken on the ship 'may not have been sufficient to prevent transmission'

Risk of Major Heart Complications Up Shortly Following Stroke

Findings following first-ever ischemic stroke in both men and women, with risk highest within 30 days

Functional Outcomes Similar Across Localized Prostate Cancer Treatments

However, incontinence and sexual function are worse five years following prostatectomy

Person-to-Person Resting Heart Rates Found to Be Highly Variable

High variability measured between people; individual rates change seasonally