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Recommendations Issued for CT Contrast Use in Kidney Disease

Experts say risk overstated for use of IV iodinated contrast media in patients with reduced renal function

Anti-Müllerian Hormone Predicts Time to Final Menstrual Period

AUC significantly greater for predicting FMP within next 24 months with AMH- versus FSH-based models

Six Active Ingredients of Sunscreen Systemically Absorbed

Plasma concentrations exceeded 0.5 ng/mL for all six active ingredients with sunscreen application

Low-Carb, Low-Fat Diets Not Tied to Mortality Overall

However, unhealthy low-carb diet, low-fat diet associated with higher total mortality

Mental Health Outcomes No Better for Teens Undergoing RYGB

Self-esteem improved after five years in surgical group, but no improvement seen in overall mood

Less Improvement in Outcomes Seen at Minority-Serving ICUs

Disparity found in risk for critical illness mortality at hospitals serving more minority patients

Time of Day for Taking Warfarin Does Not Matter

Morning or evening administration makes no difference on time outside target INR range

Full Impact of Drug Use on U.S. Mortality Not Captured by Data

Estimated number of drug-associated deaths 2.2 times higher than number of drug-coded deaths

Prolonged ECG Monitoring for Syncope in ED Feasible, Safe

Diagnostic accuracy of ECG monitoring fair, but sensitivity increases with >12 hours of monitoring

2008 to 2016 Saw Decline in Primary Care Visits for Children

Increases seen in visits to other acute care venues and to specialists during the same period