Today's Health News

Global Coronavirus Outbreaks Stoking Fears of Pandemic

Mild nature of most cases of COVID-19 making the virus difficult to identify and contain

Children’s Vaccine Patterns Mainly Classified as Recommended

23 percent of children's vaccination patterns classified as alternate, with limited shots, skipping series

Increases in Alcohol-Induced Death Rates ID’d Across U.S.

Alcohol-induced death rate increased among men and women, with recent acceleration in rate

Racial/Ethnic Disparity Seen for Stroke in Dialysis Patients With A-Fib

Rates of stroke higher for minority dialysis patients with a-fib partly due to lower anticoagulant use

1990 to 2017 Saw Increase in Global Deaths From Lung Disease

Negative links found between sociodemographic index and mortality rates of COPD, pneumoconiosis, asthma

Many Smokers Who Quit Before Gastric Bypass Surgery Relapse

61.7 percent of those who smoked one year preop smoke at seven years postop

Healthy Dietary Patterns Linked to Better Semen Quality

Higher sperm counts found with adherence to prudent, vegetarian-like, open-sandwich versus Western pattern

AAP: Pediatricians Should Promote Physical Activity in Children

Doctors should ID opportunities for activity assessment, prescription among those facing barriers to activity

Daily Emollient in Infancy Does Not Foil Eczema in Children at Risk

Daily use of emollient in first year of life linked to increased risk for skin infections

Alzheimer Disease Gene Mapping Project Proposed in New York State

Governor says initiative will help researchers working to slow the progression of Alzheimer disease