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Glucose Levels Tied to Maternal Mortality Even Without Diabetes

Elevated A1c may predict maternal morbidity, death even in women without known prepregnancy DM

Fetal, Early-Life Exposures May Impact Young Adult Bone Health

Specifically, maternal smoking and breastfeeding tied to fracture risk in young adulthood

Electronic Health Records Fail to Detect Many Medication Errors

Though broadly used in U.S. hospitals, EHRs fail to detect up to one-third of medication errors

Higher Vitamin C, Carotenoid Intake May Lower Risk for T2DM

And, rate of type 2 diabetes lower for participants in highest versus lowest category of whole grain intake

Newborn Iodine Status Not Tied to Congenital Hypothyroidism

But among infants treated in neonatal ICU, cases had significantly higher blood iodine levels than controls

2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act Tied to Drop in Childhood Obesity

The stronger nutrition standards for school meals and snacks should be maintained, the authors say

Interruption of Sitting May Cut Acute Postprandial Response

Interruption of prolonged sitting with light exercise reduced postprandial insulin and glucose levels

Excessive Sugar Tied to Fat Deposits Around Heart, Other Organs

These higher-risk fat deposits linked to greater risk for heart disease and diabetes

Low Physical Function May Up Bone Loss After Hip Fracture

Lower lean body mass also tied to greater bone loss in older adults after hip fracture surgery

Mortality Higher From AKI Versus Kidney Failure From Other Causes

However, recovery is common within 12 months of injury