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HHS Report Looks at Hospital Experiences With COVID-19

Most significant challenges relate to testing and caring for COVID-19 patients, keeping staff safe

Suppressing Stomach Acid May Up Intestinal Growth of MDROs

Gastric acid suppression increased odds of intestinal colonization with MDROs by about 75 percent

Outcomes Better at One Year With Physical Therapy for Knee OA

Less pain, functional disability seen at one year with physical therapy versus intraarticular glucocorticoid injection

Convalescent Plasma Treatment Promising in Severe COVID-19

One dose of CP with neutralizing antibodies can reduce viral load, tends to improve clinical symptoms

Racial Differences Seen for Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, Survival

White, black, and Hispanic patients have worse odds of cancer-specific and overall survival versus Asian patients

Parents’ Mental Illness Tied to Higher Injury Rate in Offspring

Association seen for birth through adolescence, but risk highest for child's first year of life

Air Pollution May Hasten Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

Higher exposure linked to lower scores on thinking and memory tests and faster cognitive loss over time

Older Adults, Men, Preexisting Conditions Tied to COVID-19 Death

Patients admitted to ICU lived longer, but bed shortages in Wuhan prevented admission for all who needed it

‘Dead’ Probiotic Treatment May Help Reduce Irritable Bowel Symptoms

Significantly more patients receiving nonviable probiotic versus placebo had relief of IBS symptoms

Physical Activity Tied to Mental Well-Being in Menopause

Postmenopausal women had more depressive symptoms than perimenopausal, premenopausal women