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COVID-19 Case Rates, Deaths Considerably Higher in Prisons

Case rate more than fivefold higher among prisoners versus U.S. population; death rate also higher

COVID-19-Related Symptoms Persist After Recovery

Only 12.6 percent of patients completely free of any COVID-19-related symptoms

Black Individuals at Increased Risk for SARS-CoV-2 Infection

Risk increased for infection and hospitalization, but not mortality, for Blacks versus non-Blacks

Adherence to Prophylaxis for EGFRi-Linked Rash Beneficial

Adherence to prophylaxis protocols tied to drop in interventions, toxicity-linked chemo interruptions

S. aureus Agr Virulence Tied to Atopic Dermatitis in Infants

Expression of functional Agr system in S. aureus needed for epidermal colonization in mice

Maternal Allergy, Asthma Traits Up Child Risk in Early Years

By the time the child is 6 years old, mother's and father's history present similar risk

Policy Guides Medical Marijuana Use at Pediatric Hospital

Eighty percent of pediatric patients seen by MMJ consultative service had an oncologic diagnosis

Risk for Heart Failure Increased for Women Taking β-Blockers

Difference of 4.6 percent found between women and men in rate of heart failure at presentation for ACS

Baloxavir Protects Household Contacts From Influenza

Percentage of patients in whom clinical influenza developed significantly lower in baloxavir group

Arthritis Patients Needing to Shelter in Place Require More Support

Survey finds many experiencing increased symptoms, less physical activity, emotional issues