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Guidelines Indicate Breastfeeding Is Safe After Maternal Anesthesia

There is no need to discard breast milk after anesthesia; opioid sparing preferred for breastfeeding moms

Risk for Positive COVID-19 Test Up for Health Care Workers

Risk increased for frontline health care workers compared with the general community

38 Percent of Older Adults in U.S. Not Ready for Video Doctor Visits

Telephone visits may reach more patients, but 20 percent of older adults not ready for telephone visits

Short Video May Lower Parent Interest in Antibiotics for Child

Even bigger impact seen among parents with highest baseline interest in antibiotics

Mortality Risk Increased With Pulmonary Vascular Resistance of ≥2.2

For patients referred for RHC, risk for mortality, heart failure up with PVR of ≥2.2 Wood units

Risk for Acute Cerebrovascular Events Low in COVID-19 Patients

In hospitalized patients with COVID-19, 2.4 percent had confirmed ischemic stroke, 0.9 percent had ICH

Obesity Ups Risk for Intubation, Death With COVID-19 in Adults <65

Risk highest for those with class 3 obesity; link mainly seen in adults younger than 65 years of age

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Linked to Outcomes After A-Fib Ablation

Arrhythmia recurrence rate, mortality significantly lower in those with higher cardiorespiratory fitness

Adverse Experiences More Common Among Children Raised by Grandparents

ADHD also more common for preschool-age, school-age children in grandparent-headed households

More Than One in Three Stroke Survivors Have Uncontrolled HTN

80.4 percent of stroke survivors take antihypertensive medications, most commonly ACEi, ARB