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Rotavirus Vaccination Tied to Lower Risk for T1DM in Children

No association seen for partial vaccination and incidence of type 1 diabetes

ADA: Combo Injectable Controls Blood Glucose Longer in T2DM

Findings seen for initial injectable therapy with insulin degludec plus liraglutide versus insulin glargine

Undetected Dysglycemia Linked to MI, Periodontal Disease

Severe periodontal disease most common in those with undetected diabetes and vice versa

ADA: Teplizumab Can Delay T1DM Progression in Those at Risk

Median time to type 1 diabetes diagnosis 48.4 months with teplizumab and 24.4 months with placebo

Increases in Red Meat Intake Linked to Increased Mortality

Increase of at least half a serving a day of red meat, especially processed meat, linked to greater risk

Vitamin D, Estradiol Deficiency Have Synergistic Effect on MetS

Findings seen in cross-sectional study involving 616 postmenopausal Chinese women

CDC: Prevalence of Meeting Exercise Guidelines Recently Increased

Despite increase, overall prevalence remains low

In Most Older Adults, Prediabetes Stays Stable or Improves

One-third of participants progressed to diabetes or died within the 12-year follow-up

Nitrate Pollution of Tap Water May Cause Thousands of Cancer Cases

Annual nitrate-attributable cases of CRC, ovarian, thyroid, kidney, bladder cancer ranged from 2,300 to 12,594

Most Providers Unaware of Online Feedback About Themselves

Providers do not encourage patient reviews and often view such feedback as having limited value