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Pupillary Light Reflex Metrics May ID Sports Concussion in Teens

Eight of nine metrics significantly greater among athletes with concussion versus healthy controls

ACIP Provides Recommendations on Meningococcal Vaccination

Vaccination with MenACWY recommended for adolescents aged 11 to 12 years with booster at 16 years

Heavy Sugar-Sweetened Drink Intake Decreasing Overall in U.S.

Heavy SSB intake up for adults ≥60 years; no change seen for those age 40 to 59 years, non-Mexican Hispanics

Children’s Routine Care Plummets During Pandemic

Immunizations increased since May, but huge jump needed to make up for missed vaccinations since the spring

Chinese Company Says Its COVID-19 Vaccine Should Be Available in U.S. in Early 2021

If it passes final round of human tests, SinoVac will apply to the FDA to sell CoronaVac vaccine

Teens’ Mental Illness Treatment May Not Follow Guidelines

Variance in treatment occurs within and across ZIP codes, suggesting non-supply-side variables

CDC: Women More Likely to Experience Anxiety, Depression

Women are more likely to receive any mental health treatment, as are children aged 12 to 17 years

Risk for Autism Increased With Preterm, Postterm Birth

Risk increased for children born in weeks 22 to 31, 32 to 36, 43 to 44 versus 37 to 42 of gestation

Oral Steroids May Raise Risks for Diabetes, HTN, VTE in Children

But absolute risks for these complications still low among children receiving glucocorticoids

>2.2 Million Women Live in Maternity Care Desert Status Areas

In addition, 4.8 million women of childbearing age live in counties with limited access to maternity care