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Viral Exposure Signature Predicts Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Signature can identify hepatocellular carcinoma patients before clinical diagnosis

Electronic Health Records Fail to Detect Many Medication Errors

Though broadly used in U.S. hospitals, EHRs fail to detect up to one-third of medication errors

Odds of Surgery Lower for Black Patients With Esophageal Cancer

Black race independently confers reduced odds of surgery; mortality higher for those without surgery

American Cancer Society Updates HPV Vaccination Guidelines

Vaccination should be routinely offered at age 9 to 12 years; catch-up vaccination recommended through age 26

Early Breast Cancer Screening Benefits Childhood Cancer Survivors

Early initiation of breast cancer screening with MRI may reduce breast cancer mortality by more than half

USPSTF Advises Annual Low-Dose CT Lung Screening for High-Risk Individuals

Annual CT screening recommended for those aged 50 to 80 years at high risk due to smoking history

CRC Risk Down With ACEi, Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Use

5 percent reduction in adjusted hazard ratio risk with each single year increase in drug use

Most Women Unaware of Breast Implant-Related Lymphoma

Even among women with breast implants, just over half have heard of BIA-ALCL

Medicaid Expansion Contributing to Earlier Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer diagnosis earlier for low-income adults with screening-amenable cancers following Medicaid expansion

Endotheliopathy ID’d in COVID-19, Tied to Higher Mortality Risk

Soluble thrombomodulin concentration >3.26 ng/mL linked to lower rates of hospital discharge, survival