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Amid COVID-19 Crisis, Blood Donor Restrictions Eased

FDA has changed abstinence period required for gay and bisexual blood donors from 12 months to three months

COPD Independent Risk Factor for Lung Cancer

Risk for lung cancer higher for never smokers with COPD, ever smokers with or without COPD

Rivaroxaban Prevents VTE After Lower-Limb Surgery

Rivaroxaban superior to enoxaparin for preventing major VTE after nonmajor orthopedic surgery

Unemployed Workers Less Likely to Be Uninsured Post-ACA

Following implementation of ACA, insurance rates decreased more in states with Medicaid expansion

Polypharmacy Ups Postchemo Hospitalization Risk in Seniors

Findings seen in older patients with prostate, breast, and lung cancers

Burden of Childhood Cancer Can Be Diminished

Comprehensive scale-up of interventions could avert 6.2 million deaths in children with cancer

March 2020 Briefing – Hematology & Oncology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Hematology & Oncology for March 2020. This roundup includes...

Doctors, Hospitals, Pharmacies Warned Not to Stockpile Meds

Professional societies issue stern warning not to inappropriately prescribe meds for COVID-19

Methylation Analysis of cfDNA IDs >50 Cancer Types

Sensitivity increased with increasing stage from 39 percent in stage I to 92 percent in stage IV

U.S. Army Opens Field Hospital in New York City

Field hospital in Manhattan meant to handle non-COVID-19 patients to free up space in city hospitals