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CRC Risk Down With ACEi, Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Use

5 percent reduction in adjusted hazard ratio risk with each single year increase in drug use

Most Women Unaware of Breast Implant-Related Lymphoma

Even among women with breast implants, just over half have heard of BIA-ALCL

Medicaid Expansion Contributing to Earlier Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer diagnosis earlier for low-income adults with screening-amenable cancers following Medicaid expansion

Endotheliopathy ID’d in COVID-19, Tied to Higher Mortality Risk

Soluble thrombomodulin concentration >3.26 ng/mL linked to lower rates of hospital discharge, survival

HDHPs Up Disparities in Access to Care Among Cancer Survivors

Cost barriers increased for blacks, with 22.8 percent reporting they skipped medications to save money

Roughly 2 Million Americans Buy Prescriptions From Outside the Country

Patient education, stringent quality control measures necessary to ensure safe purchases

Mortality Risk Down With Meeting Recommended Exercise Levels

Larger survival benefits seen for those who engaged in both muscle strengthening, aerobic activity

Medicaid Expansion Linked to Drop in Uninsured With Breast Cancer

Significant reductions in uninsured patients, in advanced-stage disease, especially in African-Americans

Artificial Intelligence Provides Benefit for Cervical Cancer Screening

Automated dual-stained slide evaluation reduces number of colposcopies versus current standards

Genetic Tests May Differ in Their Interpretation of Certain Variants

11 percent of interpretations were different for TP53 gene; difference can impact management