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Hydroxychloroquine Plus Macrolides No Benefit in COVID-19

Hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine with or without macrolides linked to in-hospital mortality, arrhythmia

Right Ventricular Dilation Linked to Mortality in COVID-19

Right ventricular enlargement significantly linked to in-hospital mortality in multivariable analysis

Cardiac Decompensation Seen in Children Following COVID-19

Cardiac decompensation occurred in conjunction with multisystem inflammatory syndrome in some children

Incidence of AMI Hospitalization Down During COVID-19

Decrease seen in incidence of STEMI, NSTEMI in Northern California during COVID-19 period versus pre-COVID-19

Factors Linked to COVID-19 In-Hospital Mortality ID’d in NYC

22 percent of patients critically ill; older age, chronic cardiac disease linked to higher in-hospital mortality

Rate of Stroke Low in Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19

Cryptogenic strokes more common, mortality higher in COVID-19 patients than in controls with stroke

Global Practice Guidelines Issued by International Society of Hypertension

Optimal, essential recommendations presented for lifestyle interventions, therapy in adults with HTN

Excessive Drinking Seen in Some Patients With Chronic Conditions

Findings based on data from 2.7 million adults seen in primary care for 26 common medical conditions

Sex Differences ID’d in Prescription of Cardiovascular Meds

Women are less likely to be prescribed aspirin, statins, antihypertensive medications, including ACEIs

Higher Burden of Cardiovascular Risk Tied to Cognitive Decline

Also, higher CV risk associated with smaller volumes of hippocampus, gray matter, total brain on MRI