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Health Hazards

by: Ankush Makkar

Health Hazards

The website talks about what are health , and its relation to health for the production of health problems. Health Hazards have some classification of hazards based on the type of it.
They are given as: Drug Addiction (owing to taking a drug in excess amount), Electrical Devices (shock from electrical devices), Natural Disaster (naturally occurring phenomenon causing hazardous to people),Global Warming (increase in emissions causing temperatures rise), Fast Food (eating fast food ),Workplace (hazards occurring the workplace/office),Particulate Matter (suspended matter in air causing hazards),mobile phone (radiation from mobile harming health),pestal ( occurring from pests or spraying of chemicals), waste material ( occurring from illegal dumping).
The next part of website talks about COSHH(Control of Substances Hazardous to Health). Osha is occupational safety and health administration. Sexual Health is also an important topic to be taken into consideration. Then we talk about Spectrum Health, the list of hospitals in non-profit in Michigan.
Health and Safety Tips are also given that one must follow for his/her health. Other posts talk about the latest facts that are unknown to us. Then we have health care, hygiene, physical health, mental health,Medicaid,hazard risk assessment, hazard analysis,health survey and health news.
For everyday, quote is given as Quote of the Day.Delhiís air pollution is talked about along with the dengue fever rising in addition to the zika virus. Based on the recent events, a poll is conducted on the persons that visit the site and take part in it free of cost.
The topics are Environmental Pollution that talks about air pollution, water pollution and land pollution.
After that is the Environmental Health talking about the several diseases as Asthma,Autism,Lupus,Obesity,Parkinsonís Disease,Cancer.
Finally a video to capture health hazards and anyone can comment or contact if any query about the page.
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