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How To Cope With Depression

by: Garrett Hnatiuk

Depression, sadness, tension in life is common and a serious illness that can happen to anybody, even people who seems happy. Recovering from it is a difficult task. It is one of the causative factors for instilling anger and frustration in your life, which leads to abnormal lifestyle and making way for bad habits to enter into your life. If anger, sadness or frustration stretches for a longer period of time or is occurring frequently and interferes with your ability to connect and contact people smoothly, it is likely that you're going through a phase of Depression. Few iatrogenic causes like excessive medications may result in psychological disturbances. Common types – 1. Major Depression or Clinical Depression – Feeling sad, helpless, lonely, hopeless making person disable to perform activities and it lasts long. A person experiences this type of depression once in a lifetime. Though, there are chances of recurrence. 2. Chronic Depression or Dysthymia – Long term depressed mood of a person. Less severe than major depressive disorder and it does not disables the person in performing his activities. A person experiences this type of depression repeatedly during his life time. Symptoms - Feeling sad, anxious, hopeless, despair, worried, helpless, sense of guilty, irritability, restless. Loss of interest in performing duties and day to day activities, loss of appetite or overeating, lack of confidence and concentration, difficulty in making decisions, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, somnambulism, malaise and generalized weakness, etc Different ways to cope up with Depression – • Consult your physician – The most important thing while managing the condition is to consult your Physician regarding undergoing medications and their side effects, if any. Proper counseling will also help in coping up with depressive state of mind as it is said that sharing your experiences with somebody, eases your mental pressure and helps in exploring yourself. Get proper treatment for common medical conditions like vitamin and mineral deficiencies, thyroid disorders, genetic disorders, chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, etc. • Divert your attention – Try to divert yourself from sadness and tension by thinking of other people’s activities, especially positive minded people. Try to get busy in some activities. Get social, connect with different people, make new friends, hangout with them for a small vacation. • Value yourself – Be gentle, polite to yourself. Be trustworthy. Make things easier for yourself. • Diet & Nutrition – Diet rich in vitamins and minerals helps in maintaining good health thereby keeping you fit for daily activities. • Yoga & Mediation – To overcome any kind of stress and depressive mind-state, yoga is the best method to practice. It helps in calming your senses, increases your level of concentration in performing duties and boosting your confidence. Regular mild exercises are a must. • Positive activities – Keep your personal diary and note down your good points. Make up your self, try to look good and take optimum care of your body. Maintain healthy relationship with friends and relatives; always be in touch with them. Always opt for positive people. Keep occupied. Adapt hobbies like playing, enjoying movies and music. Do funny things. Practice relaxation techniques. Be active. • Alternative therapies – Therapies such as ART therapy, Acupressure, Music therapy, Aroma therapy, Pet therapy, etc are helpful in coping up with depression. • Support Group – Sharing experiences and talking with other people who are suffering from depression by conducting a small support group. • Lifestyle – Try to sleep for eight hours, expose yourself to little sunlight every day, prepare to do few things like playing with pet, take staircases rather than elevators, etc. • Do not skip meals, eats loads of vitamin rich food, minimize refined carbs and sugars and avoid fatty foods. You can expect depression at any point of time in your life again, so be prepared and try to fight against this typical ailment.

This Article is written by Garret Hnatiuk. He loves to write articles on health topics. So Happy Reading.

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