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Natural Sleep Aid Supplements Review - Do These Pills Work?

Ramon Parker

People need to think of sleep as one of essential nutrients significant for a healthy life. Occasional restlessness caused by waking up at 2 am or 3 am and the difficulty to get back to sleep can happen to anybody but there are many suffering from various symptoms of sleeplessness caused by poor sleep quality e.g. irritability, high blood pressure, confusion, depression, hyperactivity etc. Research finds at least one in five people get less than needed duration of sleep. Some get up in the night due to emotional situations (e.g. worry about life situations) or work pressure requiring proper concentrations. One should relax in the night time to feel energetic in the morning and for this one should not get out of bed even after waking up in the middle of night. Sometimes, just staying back in bed for some time can help, or chanting certain relaxation mantras or one can look for herbal sleep aid pills review for resolving sleep related issues in a holistic way.

These days more and more people are talking of sleep hygiene, where the anxiety of poor sleep can be prevented by adopting simple techniques such as avoiding caffeine before bed, relaxation tips, meditation and looking into a book. There are certain everyday medicines causing endocrine imbalance such as anti depressants, cough syrups, cold remedies - causing insomnia. These should be taken in the morning as during night it can result in poor sleep. Rauwolfia serpentine offers herbal cure for hypertension and various studies find it to be a blood pressure reducing herb. Natural sleep aid supplements review finds it to be a powerful cure for insomnia.

Rauwolfia was tested on 36 people suffering from renal, cardiac and cerebral conditions, where 4 were young people with persistent symptoms of increase in diastolic pressure over a period of few years. This study was conducted on patients of different ethnic groups and the intake of herb resulted in fall of blood pressure in all patients, irrespective of age or sex, although the response of people with different ethnic group was different. The herb intake helped in reducing hypertension, headache, throbbing arteries problem, anxiety etc., and it enhanced their pressure handling capability. It was studied for angina, cerebro vascular and myocardial functions and people suffering from renal azotemia were also benefited by the intake of the herb.

Natural sleep aid supplements review mention this herb as one of the ingredients in Aaram capsules that contains various other mind empowering and relaxing herbs such as Eclipta Alba and Bacopa Monnieri. Eclipta Alba has been tested positive for mind empowering capabilities and during one such tests it was able to improve leaning capability at higher doses. It could reduce blood pressure due to diuretic properties. The human study found the intake of 3 gram of the leave of the herb daily for 60 days was able to reduce systolic blood pressure by 19 percent and diastolic by 11 percent. A time dependent reduction in the mean arterial pressure was also found.

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