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Maybe you used to go see a Round Lake chiropractor, and then just stopped going because you felt bet

by: franallison

Most meetings address ideas about life, but they don't address the life of those producing the ideas which must be healthy to create great works in life. One thing that your business may want to consider, is inviting in a Gurnee chiropractor to perform a ChiroOne spinal health exam on your employees. This is a unique screening that is non-invasive, and can provide a powerful teaching tool to show the people you rely on how to improve their health. The problem with ergonomic chairs While many businesses have invested in ergonomic chairs, back rest, balls and more for their employees in an effort to combat fatigue and illness - there is still one problem with them. An ergonomic chair can't fix an unhealthy spine. It can only help a healthy spine to stay healthy. What your employees need to know is where their issues are located, how they can remedy them, and then what they can use such as an ergonomic chair to prevent the problem from returning. Just buying the ergonomic chair is like putting the cart about two miles ahead of the horse. With a ChiroOne Workshop, your staff can be educated on spinal health, identify any issues with their own, and take the first steps to wellness. What does ChiroOne do? When you have your Gurnee chiropractor do a ChiroOne Workshop, they will come with an extendable and manipulating spine kit, plus a presentation. With this model they can then begin to demonstrate how simple changes in body posture can radically start to impact the health of a spine. The presenter can then trace the impact on the spine to the symptom that can appear in the body which might help a lot of people in the room understand why they suffer from headaches, sleeplessness or dietary issues. The presenter can then also explain the path of impact, for instance how inclined posture can eventually become stenosis that can lead to a stroke-like attack. This is an accessible education program that is the beginning of the full ChiroOne assessment and practices. Why this will make a difference to your bottom line Improving the health and wellness of your employees should be one of your top priorities. Not only will it increase their productivity, but it will decrease lost time. One of the best things you can do is to sign up for an incentive package with your Gurnee chiropractor so you can distribute gift cards to your employees to try services. A chiropractor can help with all issues that relate to spinal health which can include muscle therapy, massage and weight management. By helping your employees to be proactive about their health, you are being proactive about your business. Your Gurnee chiropractor can do more than you think Weight management and muscle therapy are another topic that your Gurnee Chiropractor can cover as an in-service for your employees. While many people have adopted the active lifestyle, most of them haven't learned how to manage being active and the strains it puts on the body. Just by learning simple things about the impact of weight on joints, and how to increase muscle relaxation after a workout can help to improve their performance in the office, and in the gym. Before you schedule your next meeting, think about what would have the greatest impact on creating your desired outcome. Will it be another meeting about milestones? Or a meeting that gives your employees a way to improve the quality of their life at home and at work? Think about that, and think about the big picture in order to see what you should do in the present.

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