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What Is a Nebulizer, and Who Should Use It?

by: Jason Miles

A nebulizer is a machine designed to convert medication into a gas form to deliver medicine quickly and easily, and is especially good for children.

Who uses a nebulizer?
Nebulizers can make taking medicine as simple as breathing. Kids who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections and the like, can simply breathe in medications. This makes it much easier than trying to swallow a pill.

Severe coughing can make taking a pill or a spoonful of medication impossible. Nebulizers simply add mist to specially formulated medications. From there, patients have a mask placed over their mouth. They are able to easily breathe the mist in.

Relief comes fast. This is especially important when a child is struggling to breathe.

Nebulizers aren't limited to the young, though. Anyone with pulmonary disease can benefit from the use of a nebulizer.

Pediatric nebulizers
Pediatric nebulizers come in a variety of fun shapes for children. Pandas, penguins, firetrucks and trains all make the machine more enticing for a child. Children are not afraid of the machine when it is shaped like a pet or a toy. Face masks are specially sized for children.

In Simi Valley, and indeed in most of Southern California, allergy season comes in many forms, and can easily exacerbate a case of asthma. Nebulizers help with getting medication delivered not just when itís needed most, but all the time, which aids in prevention rather than reacting to an attack!

Choosing your nebulizer
Buying a nebulizer from your local Simi Valley medical equipment supplier or pharmacy is easy. Many patients do not at first know anything about purchasing a unit, which one they need, or how to use it.

Pharmacists are better trained to help you. They can show you in the store how to use your machine. They can tell you which medications will work with your machine, and can also answer any questions you may have.

When you need to re-order parts or supplies, a simple phone call will take care of everything. Your nebulizer can often even be delivered right to your door, along with any supplies and medications you may need. Some are also able to call your doctor to arrange everything. This really simplifies everything, especially for patients who have difficulties getting out due to their condition or driving limitations.

What about the costs? Suppliers work hard with all of the major insurance carriers. Your machine may come at no cost, depending on coverage and store choice. There may be a small deductible. Some even work with Medicaid and Gold Coast Insurance. Of course, coverage varies from place to place and carrier to carrier. However, most will do their best to get your machine to you at the lowest possible cost out-of-pocket. If you need a nebulizer, call your local pharmacy first.

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